Formative Assessment

• You must complete the classroom activities whilst facilitation is taking place. The facilitator may
stop at regular intervals to give you time to complete the activities.
• Please complete all work in blue or black pen. The assessor will not assess the evidence if
completed in pencil.
• You are not allowed to copy from another learner. Any plagiarism committed will be viewed in a
serious light and disciplinary action may be taken against you. Your work must be authentic i.e.
your own work. Group work is allowed in certain activities but your answers must be your own
original work after discussions in the group.
• You must sign the declaration contained in the assessment preparation and planning document
declaring that all work is your own. If you so not sign this declaration, the assessor will not
proceed with assessment and your results will be delayed.
• Please do not use any correction fluid i.e. tippex. Rather cross your work out and write next to
your mistakes.
• The proficiency level required for each unit standard in the cluster is 50% per specific outcome
per unit standard. If you are deemed Not Yet Competent in a unit standard, you will only be
required to redo (remediate those sections in that unit standard.
• Any remediation must be submitted within 30 working days after you gave received feedback
• If you have achieved any unit standards in this skills programme via another provider, please
neatly draw a line through the section and indicate that a certified certificate has been submitted
and is included in your administration section.