Facilitator Guide

This Facilitators Guide is a resource, which will help you to:
❑ Understand the programme, as well as its objectives, characteristics and the
requirements it places on you the trainer.
❑ Work through this Leaders Guide thoroughly in the early stages of delivering this
❑ Develop your confidence and ability to deliver, in a way that is best for you.
You will probably find yourself moving through three stages of your development as a trainer
of the —————————–Programme:
❑ Learning: While learning to train this programme you may need to use the Leaders
Guide as it will provide you with a simple and low-risk method for delivering the training.
❑ Prompting: As you become more comfortable with the programme, you may be able to
move onto using the Lesson Plan. This document has been written as a prompt sheet
to remind you of the contents to be covered, the structure and the sequence.
❑ Creating: You will inevitably reach a stage when you experience the facilitators guide
as being “restrictive” and find that you can contribute many additional ideas in the
delivery of this programme, go ahead, keeping to the Lesson Plan.