Assessor Guide

o This guide includes a marking memo which is a general guide and must not be followed
rigidly – use your subject matter expertise and provide feedback in your assessor
reports of where any amendments or additions must be made to the memo.
o All work must be completed by the learners in blue or black pen. Do not assess the
evidence if completed in pencil.
o IDENTIFY any plagiarism committed and report this on the evidence summary sheets
and to the Training Provider.
o Ensure that the declaration of authenticity is signed. Do not proceed with assessment if
it is not signed.
o No correction fluid i.e. tippex may be used. If the learner has used tippex, make a circle
around the answer and report on this in the evidence summary sheet.
o The proficiency level required for each unit standard in the cluster is 50% per specific
outcome per unit standard. Complete the mark allocation sheet at the back of the
section with these results and indicate if the learner may proceed to the exam.
o Ensure that where full marks are obtained that the mark allocation is circled.
o Where marks less than the available marks are achieved, scratch through the total
marks and write the obtained mark next to this.
o Assess the learners 1st submission in red pen and any remediation in purple pen.
o If the learner has achieved any unit standards in this skills programme via another
provider, please indicate this on the evidence summary sheet as “exempt” only if a
certified copy of the certificate is in the POE.
o All evidence summary sheets must be filled in accurately and completely giving positive
as well as constructive feedback to guide the learner where they are NYC.